Since we have the Google Partners Badge 5 years ago, we were selected by Google Argentina as a success case in 2017 and for its 10th Anniversary, our case toured 10 provinces. Paola Di Lernia, Director of the Agency, was invited as speaker with Mariela Morazzo by Google Argentina to the Sheraton Hotel as a conclusion of the event.

"Test, Grow, Grow" With these three objectives we manage the budgets
of our clients in an efficient way maximizing the Return on Investment.

Our case appears in the Youtube
Channel from Youtube Argentina

The nutritionist who filled the office with Google Ads.

Mariela Morazzo has a degree in Nutrition. In his office in Palermo he cares for athletes who need a diet for their training. Mariela used a Google Recommended Partner to create a website and launch a Google Ads campaign. So her patients find it when they need your services. With the support from Clepsidra Agency, Morazzo went from having 8 new patients per month to having more than 50, and attending only 4 already covers the expenses of the campaign.

Our task as an Agency will be specifically to be "early adapter" of innovative ideas based on mobile technology to reach small and medium-sized companies with strategies that target the user in movement or multi-device.

The 4 micromoments of the consumer according to Google

• Moment I want to know: This is the moment in which a person enters the Internet to find information about a product or topic of interest; or simply those times when you need to clear up any doubts you have during your daily routine.

• Moment I want to buy. It happens when people are already willing to buy a product or service, but still have doubts about the brand they should choose, where to do it and the offers that suit them, so they will make many comparisons before deciding.

• Moment I want to go. It happens when someone wants to buy a service or product that is nearby, such as when you choose to eat at a restaurant or visit a store to find what you are looking for.

• Moment I want to do. It happens when the person wants to do something but has no idea how to carry it out, so he will look for a tutorial, a recipe or video from his smartphone or tablet, which have become the most frequent devices.

These small moments are decisive to sell something. You have to be there!

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