Branding and Visual System

Development of the visual communication system for its implementation in different media (web, print, store)

We build your digital brand image with design, in search of the best user experience.

“Design is not only what you see and feel.
The design is how it works.”

—Steve Jobs

Visual Signs

The theory of Joan Costa

According to Joan Costa, it is the coordinated set of visual signs by means of which public opinion instantly recognizes and memorizes an entity or a group as an institution.
The signs that make up the corporate identity system have the same function, but each one has different communication characteristics. These signs complement each other, thus provoking an action
synergistic that increases your overall efficiency.

The signs of corporate identity are of different nature:


The name of the company is an element of verbal designation that the designer converts into a different spelling, an exclusive writing mode called a logo.


Refers to the graphic or distinctive mark of the company. The brand crystallizes a symbol (a conventional sign bearer of meaning), which increasingly responds to the technical demands of the media.


It consists of the color or colors that the company adopts as emblematic emblem.

“Design is the method of joining the form and content. It's design is simple, that's why it's so complicated.”

—Paul Rand

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