What is Advertising on Google?

It will allow you to lead, with the website of your company, the results of searches related to your products and services.

We analyze the competition, the metrics and determine the scope of them. We write text notices, we design graphic notices (static and animated). We know the impact of mobile technology and we are experts in advertising strategies based on the location of users, according to segmentation criteria.

"74% of Argentine teens say they bought tickets for a sporting event after watching an online video."

Think with Google

How does it work?

We are Google Certified Partners

Our study is qualified in the Google Ads Program (GCP Google Certification Program) and you can successfully manage your budget in Digital Marketing. I advise you on the investment with which to start, after analyzing the market and your competitors. Although our recommendation will be made to obtain the best results, the Client may choose the investment plan that he wishes based on his needs and objectives.

How is the service?

We will choose keywords (that is, terms related to your company or services) and when someone searches for some of them, your website will appear on page 1 of Google. In this way, your advertising will only be shown to an audience that is already interested in your product or service.

How is the cost generated?

Only cost will be generated when the contact between your website and the potential client is initiated, that is, when the user enters your website from the ads.
The CPC, cost for click, is the most effective advertising in results related to the investment cost.
From the system we can manage a daily budget (number of visits), days and times when the ads will appear.
It allows us to measure in 100% the behavior of the campaign during the entire period in which you are online, accessing changes and modifications, looking for the maximum return on your investment.

How is the client informed?

Biweekly or monthly you will receive a complete and detailed statistical report that will allow you to see the evolution of your campaign.

“59% of Argentines search online videos related to tourism products or services.”

Think with Google

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