What is a Google Ads Campaign?

A Google Ads Campaign is an advertisement in the Google Search engine that allows companies or professionals to appear in the top positions when a user is looking for it.

How long does it take to build a Google Ads Campaign?

Agencia Clepsidra arms the Campaign in 24 hs and Google reviews it so that everything is Ok to send it to the Finder.

How much time do I have the return of the inversion?

It depends on the item and the initial investment with which it is decided to move forward. To get results, we advise you to start with the 3 months vision of Google Ads Campaign to see the Return of Investment reflected.

What is a Google Partner Agency?

Clepsidra is a Google Partner Agency, in order to be successful, you need to have Successful Campaigns, in addition, our Accounts Strategists constantly study, train and take exams.

How long do I have my Website ready?

It depends, when do you want to start your Google Ads campaign? Tell us!

Can I start with all the services or should I go little by little?

Complete the form or write us by chat and we tell you what strategy is appropriate for your item and budget, we are waiting for you!

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