What do we do?

Agency specialized in the construction of Digital Image of companies and professionals.


We analyze the competition, the metrics and determine the scope of them.

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We design the Website, Landing or One Page as needed and create the best visual experience for the user. Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

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We manage the Social Networks of companies and professionals.

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We build your digital brand image with design, in search of the best user experience.

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Clepsidra is a Digital Marketing Agency

with the expert advice of a Google Certified Partner.

We are Success Story for Google Argentina:
The nutritionist who filled the office with Google Ads.

How Virtual Reality Can Transform Who You Are.

In virtual reality, as far as our brains are concerned, it’s quite possible to become an entirely different person.

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Sci-Fi Movies Are the Secret Weapon That Could Help Silicon Valley Grow Up

If there’s one line that stands the test of time in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic Jurassic Park, it’s probably Jeff Goldblum’s exclamation.

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The First Novel Written by AI Is Here – and It’s as Weird as You’d Expect It to Be.

Is creativity a fundamentally human phenomenon? Or can it be learned by machines?

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Like Animals, AI Is Learning From Experience.

Trial and error is one of the most fundamental learning strategies employed by animals, and we’re increasingly using it to teach intelligent machines too.

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